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Click2Pins submissions, as seen on Oct. 13, 2022. (Click2Pins., Copyright 2022 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.)

HOUSTON – It’s October and we’re all feeling a little happier now that Halloween is on the horizon. This week of Click2Pins submissions definitely had that feeling. In case you’re wondering, Click2Pins.com is where we find the photos that are making your life what it is in Southeast Texas. We love seeing your submissions of weather, animals, news around where you are and touching moments that bring us closer to what matters to you.

Thank you so much to those who have submitted their videos and photos to us and congratulations to those who have been included in the roundup below.

Here are some of this week’s best Click2Pins.com submissions. We’ve put a 📸 icon beside our favorite for the week:

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A country day

H3 Ranch

Country day


A colorful sunset

Taylor Mcclelland

What better way to end a work week than a colorful sunset at woodlawn lake.

San Antonio

Clouds and sun at sunrise

D. Woods, Cypress

Clouds & sun at sunrise--Anderson


Birdies watching in the salty air


The warmth of the sun grazes my face as the salty air blows through my hair. I know it’s going to be an amazing day ~ Welcome to Galveston Bay.

Bolivar Peninsula

Full moon in Galveston


Full moon on a beautiful night in Galveston


It’s Katy

Pins User

Sun going down on first official day of Katy Rice Harvest Festival. Great music, great vendors and a whole lotta fun!


A bright moon


The moon sure is bright tonight!

Butterfly meeting

Rick Peralez

God's beauty. 💜

San Antonio

Nicholas the doggo in the fall weather


Nicholas loving the fall weather

Hunter’s moon in the distance

Taylor Mcclelland

The Hunter’s Moon from Woodlawn lake.

San Antonio

Just dazzling

SkyWatcher (Oscar)

A dazzling Hunter's Moon tonight for all you folks buying your meat at HEB.

San Antonio

Reflections in the pond

D. Woods, Cypress

Clouds & sun at sunset reflected in pond in Anderson


Full moon rising

D. Woods, Cypress

Full moon rising in Anderson


Kingwood doggie

Betty Wolf

Sunrise and Whiskee in Kingwood, TX!

Halloween moon


Moonrise. And she’s on the wane! WilsonHill Colorado County


What is that?

Audrey H.

There are all kinds of hunters out for the hunters moon! Saw this one in Pleasanton today


Moon peeking through

Taylor Mcclelland

Much better viewing conditions of the moon this evening.

San Antonio

Postcard sunset

Beach Bob

47th and Seawall

Glass skies

KPRC 2 Edgar

Morning Run. Beautiful sky!

Stunning reflections 📸

Kelly Chapman

Beautiful clouds in League City!

League City

Red sunrise in Cypress


Cypress Sunrise

We’re partial to pink


Pink Puff Cypress Sunrise

Colors of the day’s end


And Cut!

League City

A pleasant evening


Pleasant out this evening

League City

A gorgeous sunset

SkyWatcher (Oscar)

What a difference a gorgeous sunset makes in our lives.

San Antonio

Rainstorm to the left


Looking West to Southwest from League City. The thunderstorm pictured produced heavy rain, lightning and downdraft winds blew cool. It rained for a solid 45 minutes. It looked like it didn't move around much.

League City

Enjoying the weather


Pat Cassity-Buddy is really enjoying this beautiful weather!


A moment after the rain


After the rain

League City

An Astros orange sunset


An Astros orange sunset tonight in Kingwood. Go Stros! This sunset’s for you.

First Astros uniform


In honor of the Astros win yesterday. My Granddaughter's First ever Astros outfit. 9 days old today. This is for you Daniella..

Half sky of storms


Half stormy, half beautiful!

League City

Rolling clouds at the Galveston shore

Ron Wooten

Awesome clouds


A beautiful sky in Galveston

Ron Wooten

Beautiful sky


Sunset in Jamaica Beach, sky aflame

Ron Wooten

Last night’s beautiful sunset

Jamaica Beach

Upswept skies

Ron Wooten

The clouds last night were just amazingly beautiful!

Jamaica Beach

Full moon over Texas


Full moon over the Scarecrow Festival in Chapel Hill Texas.


Nola the Therapy Dog

Susan Morris

Nola the Therapy Dog

San Antonio

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween from Greerswald Holiday Lights!

“Body Shop Repair”

SkyWatcher (Oscar)

Healthcare services for skeletons is definitely not humerous.

San Antonio

Cheering on the Astros


The team is ready to go! Go Astros! 🖤Tommy🖤Teddy🖤Timmy⚾️

Go Astros!

Harry Brinkman

Logan and Kendall are ready for the game. Go Astros!!

Ready for the Astros to win

Reda Lea

Ready for the Astros to win!!

Texas City

Support for the Astros from the kid corner


Jolene says GO ASTROS!🧡💙⚾️

Three cheers for the Astros!


Hey Mr. Anthony! It’s Lilah here, I’m the biggest Astros fan and also wearing pink today for breast cancer awareness! 🧡💙💗 GO STROS!

Halloween in all its splendor

Pins User

Happy Halloween!

In case you weren’t listening


Champion Willy Willy just listened

San Antonio

It’s sweet around here

Jane pickett

Ms. Tiffany sharing ice cream at her Enchanted Ranch Day Camp!


A good morning filled with color

Sylvia lopez

Good morning from Seguin

Shimmering reflections

Pins User

Walter Hall Park

League City

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