🔒Nearly tripping over an alligator🐊, snuggling in on a cool morning🥰, sunsets on fire🌆 and new life in the Bayou City👶: See the best of our latest Click2Pins submissions

Click2Pins submissions in a compilation graphic. (Click2Pins.com submissions, Copyright 2022 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.)

HOUSTONClick2Pins.com is where we find the photos that are making your life what it is in Southeast Texas. We love seeing your submissions of weather, animals, news around where you are and touching moments that bring us closer to what matters to you.

Thank you so much to those who have submitted their videos and photos to us and congratulations to those who have been included in the roundup below.

Here are some of this week’s best Click2Pins.com submissions. We’ve put a 📸 icon beside our favorite for the week:

Sweet relief from the heat:

Jennifer U

Snow says todays weather was beautiful!


Sweet little monster:

Todd Masters

Mugsy the monster

New Braunfels

Morning muse

Ray Flores

Nice morning

Saint Hedwig

Awash in color

Painted glass


Sunrise over Lake Houston

An evening in Texas:

Jennifer U

Good evening Texas!

“A perfect day”

Vicki Sorensen

Perfect ending to a perfect day!

Bolivar Peninsula


“Welcome to Houston”


No Planes,no Sunset, no Clouds. Just my Very First Grandbaby. Welcome to Houston Ana-beth.


Waiting for a good pitch


Grandson Hunter waits for good pitch at very Little League Baseball in Kingwood.

“It was so worth it”

SkyWatcher (Oscar)

Jupiter at opposition. Image was captured on September 26, 2022. I was up way too late capturing this image, but it was so worth it.

San Antonio

Under the clear blue Texas skies


Really felt good outside ~ under the clear blue skies

League City

Snuggling up


Enjoying the cool morning.

San Antonio

Sweet sunrise in Sugar Land

Jennifer Gill

Sunrise a few days ago in Sugar Land, TX

Sugar Land

Fall fun


Happy 1st Day of Fall, everyone……AND Happy 40 Years of Broadcasting, Frank! 🖤Tommy🍁

Halloween on the horizon

Mary DiGiovanni

Bring on Halloween!!


You can’t squash that beauty


Crepuscular Ray's ~ Pumpkin Patch ~ Hay ~ Enjoy the catch

League City

Homecoming mums -- bigger means better!

Wendy Fritts

Conroe Homecoming

Fall colors and puppy dogs


Jacob and Winston the corgis enjoying the fall colors!

San Antonio

The last summer colors


Wingpod Purslane


Full moon


Full moon in the country


Horizon rays


I caught a Crepuscular ray this morning.. On Macombs lake, in Conroe, Tx

Hummingbirds caught on camera


Finally the hummingbirds cooperated.

So delicate


Sorry to see them head south

Fetching food


Getting food before heading south

We ❣️rescue doggos!

E. Outlaw

Garden Dog Callie! 6 year old Sheppard mix rescue.

San Antonio

Massive predator bath


Mr. and Mrs. Red-Shouldered Hawk. Spring, Texas.

Evening rays

Elma, Grand Oaks

Evening Rays while waking Kane.

Double Bayou

“The joys of living in the country” 🐊📸


Almost stepped on this bad boy on my way out the door in Danbury this morning! The joys of living in the country!

Blast from the past -- and still watching Frank Billingsley!

Bessie Green

Watching Frank 1991 Juliana Green loves her Frank Deer Park Tx

Deer Park

All about Frank Billingsley - cheers to his 40 years in broadcasting


Tonight we salute National Frank Billingsley Day, at least in this house!


Puppy surprise!




The great hummingbird battle for Texas


The Hummingbird battle for Texas


A fog rainbow


Very Rare fog rainbow . In Huntsville Tx .




Loretta Lynn loves her Whataburger fries! 🍟


Keep ‘em coming, y’all! We could feature your videos or photos in our next roundup story!

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