Sunny with a chance of love😍: These are some of the most heartwarming messages for Frank Billingsley as he celebrates 40 years in broadcasting

KPRC 2′s chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley is celebrating 40 years in broadcasting.

HOUSTON – KPRC 2′s chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley is celebrating 40 years in broadcasting.

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Here are some of the most heartwarming messages we’ve received so far as Frank, his fans and the entire station celebrates this amazing milestone in reporting.

John: “Ol Frank the meteorologist that has been a voice of reason in a sea of hyped up over caffeinated weather men.”

Barbara Taylor: “I have followed you every since you started in Houston. There was a commercial that said .. Frank is my man… you still the man.”

Laura Huddleston: “Happy 40 to the best meteorologist in Houston! Although it usually is, “It’s hot and it might rain,” nobody does it better.”

Sonja Haugan: “You are my go to weather guy, you are reliable and know the weather business like the back of your hand. I trust you. Thank you so much!”

Phyllis: “We only watch You Frank! I trust you and your forecast, not to mention your good hearted , warm soul comes out on air. We love us some Frank”

Wendy Royall: “Thank you so much for informing us and seeing us all through some of the worst disasters in history. You are very much appreciated & loved!”

Rebecca Bortell: “Happy 40th Anniversary to the best of the best! I look forward to seeing you every single day. Cheers 🥂 to many more years!”

Patti Schmitz: “We’ve been watching you since you came to Channel 2. Always look forward to your sunny disposition and smile. Here’s to another 40 years”

Brenda: “I have been watching him for almost 40 years. He just doesn’t seem to age at all. If he was frustrated, you would never know it.”

Jarrie Ann Boston: “Always look forward to your weather segments and blog. You are a special man and it shows in every thing you do.”

Judy: “Congratulations on 40 years with KPRC. You are relied on by so many. Don’t know what we would do without you.”

Dar: “I have lived in several big cities all across the USA. Frank I find you the most reliable, sensible, and humorous!”

Earlene Drayden: ”Congratulations and God bless you. My son always loved you and I feel your story helped him.”

Marcella Tincher: “Congratulations on 40 years! We love you, Frank!”

Richard Stack: “Congratulations Frank to the best weatherman in Houston. I live by your forecast. Thanks.”

Gayle Noll: “Frank, I salute you for bring the best meteorologist in Houston! You keep us safe and we’ll informed. Thank you fir your service!”

Linda Macdonald: “Congratulations, Frank! You are a fantastic meteorologist and I appreciate and trust you…especially when hurricanes are coming.”

Linda Saner: “Congratulations Frank! We can always rest assured that you are working hard to give us the most accurate and up to date information.”

Leah Eknoyan: “The sound of your calm, confident voice is always so reassuring during crazy weather! We have been fans for years. Congratulations!!!”

Jacquelyn Gail Brown: “Frank, Thank you so much for all your excellent direction in forecasting the weather and keeping me informed of all forecasts. The BEST!”

Adele and Bill Goddard: “Congrats Frank! Thank you for bringing your forecasts into our home each day using both your knowledge and humor in the process.”

Richard Evans: “You do a great job, Frank. I’m proud to call you a friend.”

PJ: “Congrats on 40 years. You’re fun to watch every night. When there’s a serious situation, I’ve learned to trust what you say. Cheers to you!”

Kim: “Congratulations Frank! I’ve been watching you for the 40 years you’ve been working. Your part of our family!”

Charla Woodle: “When we talk about the weather in our house we always say “Well, what did Frank say?” He is our go-to weather guy. We love Frank!”

Carol: “Thank you, Frank, for your wit and humor and keeping us all informed on impending weather conditions. Always keep that ‘sunny’ personality.”

Karen Jefferis: “Thank you Frank for all you have done to help us all stay safe through hurricanes, floods, & being someone we could trust to get us through.”

Judy Clark: “40 years... Awesome & Congratulations on a HUGE milestone. It’s easy when it’s something you enjoy & are passionate about. CONGRATULATIONS!”

Gail Hoffman: “Congratulations!! We love you. You do a great job without overhyping bad weather but you give dependable forecasts. Thank you”

Carolyn Keene: “A huge Congratulations Frank! I can’t believe you old enough to have 40 yrs in broadcasting the weather! Did you begin at age 8 ?? 😁”

Kat: “Congratulations on a job well done!! You are a Houston institution and I hope you’re not thinking about retiring anytime soon!!!”

Edi Shek: “Hi Frank, Congrats! I’ve been watching you since I moved here in Texas. Though we never met in person, you are part of our family(’s room)”

Linda English: “CONGRATULATIONS FRANK 🥂 My favorite Weatherman!”

Carl Williams: “Congrats, Frank! We have enjoyed watching you for many years now. You are our only meteorologist!”

Jeff Murray: “You are an amazing Chief meteorologist I believe in everything you say and I really like watching you God bless you and God bless your family.”

Mary Lou Gilliam: “Congratulations Frank on 40 years with KPRC 2! Thank you for all you do serving us Houstonians!”

Liz Livingston: “Congratulations Frank on your achievement! I cannot imagine a weather forecast without you-don’t leave ever! :)”

Becky Loper: “Congratulations, Frank on your 40th anniversary! You provide the most accurate weather reports, and you have a winsome personality.”

Selisa: “Congratulations!!! You are amazing!! I love watching the weather and reading your blog. Got your app too. Thank you for the information!!!”

Adam Woodard: “Congrats on your year’s or service to not only the Houston area but all of the viewing area. I have been watching you for over 20 years!!”

Emma Keys: “Congratulations to you and a job well done keep it up.”

Glinda Springs: “Congratulations to you on this achievement! So wonderful and always look forward to your telecast. Cheers to whatever your future holds.”

Kay Gutowsky: “Congratulations on 40 successful years! I hope you complete your career right where you are!”

Valerie A. Giordano: “Frank Congrats on 40 years! Don’t leave! Outstanding courage and compassion, especially during IKE in Galveston! The best I have ever seen!”

Joann: “Always a constant and always smiling! Love you Frank!”

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