Quiz: Just how Houston are you? Take this quiz to find out!

Are you a tried-and-true Houstonian or a know-nothing newcomer? This quiz will reveal just how ‘Houston’ you are.

Houston (Pixabay)

Take a few minutes, answer the questions, and see where you land on the “Just how Houston are you?” spectrum.

  1. If you’ve met Mattress Mack, add 5. If you are Mattress Mack, add 20. If you’re not sure who the heck Mattress Mack is, subtract 20.
  2. If you’ve soaked up the view from the observation deck at the top of the San Jacinto Monument, add 10. If you overcame a crippling fear of heights to do so, add 5.
  3. If you’ve feasted your way through Chinatown, add 10. If you’ve shopped at Hong Kong City Mall, add 5.
  4. If you call that little road that parallels the freeway a feeder road, add 5. A feeder, add 10. A frontage, access or service road, subtract 15.
  5. If you’ve seen someone snapping their quinceañera photos in Hermann Park, add 5. If you had YOUR quinceañera photos taken at Hermann Park, add 15.
  6. If you’ve purchased a book from Brazos Bookstore, add 10. If you proceeded to walk across the street and purchase more books at Murder By The Book afterward, add 5 more.
  7. If you know what a SLAB is, add 5. If you know what the acronym SLAB stands for, add 5 more. If you yourself drive a slab, add 15. Does your slab have swangas? Add 20.
  8. If you’ve gone shopping at The Galleria, add 10. Ice skating, add 5. If you’ve ever gotten lost in The Galleria’s labyrinth-like parking garages, add 5.
  9. If you’ve eaten your weight in waffles, wings, pancakes and “biskits” at the Breakfast Klub, add 10.
  10. If you’ve purchased records at Cactus Music or Vinal Edge, add 10. Both? Add 10 more.
  11. If you’ve walked the spiral path up to the top of the thirty-foot mount in McGovern Centennial Gardens, add 10. If you picnicked on the Centennial Green afterward, add 5 more.
  12. If you’ve snapped a photo of Downtown Houston’s skyline while at Eleanor Tinsley Park, add 10. If you’ve watched the city’s annual Fourth of July firework show at Eleanor Tinsley Park, add 5. If you knew Eleanor Tinsley, add 5 more.
  13. If you’ve taken a ride on Hermann Park Railroad, add 10.
  14. If you’ve gotten lost in Downtown Houston’s sprawling underground tunnel system, add 10. If you grabbed a bite to eat while you were down there, add 5 more.
  15. If you know who the Allen Brothers are, add 10. If you know which one married Charlotte Baldwin, add 5. If you think the Allen Brothers are some sort of musical duo, you’re mistaken, subtract 15.
  16. If you’ve feasted on deep-fried delights at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, add 10. If you did so while donning a cowboy hat and/or boots, add 5. If you saw a show at NRG Stadium afterward, add 10. If you’ve never been to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, subtract 20.
  17. If you’ve fed the giraffes, or any other adorable critters, at the Houston Zoo, add 10.
  18. If you’ve enjoyed a slice of pie at House of Pies, add 5. If you’ve tried every flavor on the menu, add 20.
  19. If you’ve sat in silent reverie at the Rothko Chapel, add 10. If you spent your time there pondering just what was going through Mark Rothko’s mind when he created those massive black and blue canvases, add 5. If you were asking yourself some variant of “Where are the paintings?” subtract 15.
  20. If you can name at least three Pappas franchises, add 10. If you’ve eaten at two or more of them, add 15 more. Can’t even think of one? Subtract 20.
  21. If you’ve been to The Alley, add 10. If you think The Alley is a narrow lane, path or passageway that runs between buildings, subtract 15.
  22. If, at some point, you’ve found yourself stuck in traffic for no apparent reason – no accidents, no stalled cars, no rush-hour commuters, no construction, no massive events – add 10. If you managed to keep your cool while completely immobilized on the freeway, again, as previously stated, for no apparent reason, way to go champ, add 5.
  23. If you’ve visited at least three museums in Houston’s Museum District, add 10. If you’ve visited all 19, add 20.
  24. If you can name five famous Houstonians, add 5. If you are a famous Houstonian, add 20.
  25. If you’ve feasted on a big ol’ pile of mudbugs, add 10. If you sucked the heads dry, add 5.
  26. Bonus points: If you’re a lifelong KPRC 2 viewer, add 10. If you currently live outside Houston, but still watch KPRC 2, add 10. If you’re a KPRC 2 Insider, add 15. For every newsletter you’re subscribed to, add 5.

Below 0: You still have plenty learn about our city. Here’s a great place to start.

Houston, Texas (Pixabay)

0-100: You’ve got the lay of the land but you’re no expert yet.

Spring Break family fun at the Houston Zoo (Houston Zoo)

100+: You’re a bona fide Houstonian.

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About the Author:

Briana Zamora-Nipper joined the KPRC 2 digital team in 2019. When she’s not hard at work in the KPRC 2 newsroom, you can find Bri drinking away her hard earned wages at JuiceLand, running around Hermann Park, listening to crime podcasts or ransacking the magazine stand at Barnes & Noble.