PHOTOS: Wild Houston Rodeo midway, rodeo foods you won’t want to miss as event makes its big return in 2022

A photo compilation of rodeo foods you can expect to see at the Houston Rodeo in 2022. (Houston Rodeo, Houston Rodeo)

HOUSTON – Some folks go to the Houston Rodeo to see animals or their favorite performer or take part in some of the competitions. Some of us go for one thing and one thing only -- the strange and over-the-top foods.

If you’re wondering what the offerings in 2022 will look like, look no further.

Here are the rodeo and midway new food offerings. The photos with descriptions are based on information released by the Houston Rodeo. Calorie count of this article: 10 million.

Midway Food:

Teriyaki Chicken Pineapple Bowl:

Teriyaki Chicken Pineapple Bowl from Get Fried (Houston Rodeo)

Donut Chicken Sandwich: Deep-fried chicken between two fresh glazed donuts. Available at Get Fried.

Donut Chicken Sandwich (Houston Rodeo)

Cotton Candy Taco

Cotton Candy Taco (Houston Rodeo)

Watermelon Dole Whip Taco: Thick sliced watermelon, filled with Dole whip and served taco style. Available at Nitro Dole Whip Treats.

Watermelon Dole Whip Taco from Nitro Dole Whip Treats (Houston Rodeo)

Bacon Wrapped Pork Belly on a Stick: A bacon lover’s dream, with thick cut pork belly, marinated with rosemary, thyme, garlic and special salt seasonings, and then wrapped with 2 feet of extra thick, honey smoked bacon. It’s slow cooked for two hours and then finished over a char grill. Available at Biggy’s II.

Bacon Wrapped Pork Belly on a Stick from Biggys II (Houston Rodeo)

Crunchy Flamin’ Hot Pickles: An extra thick, crinkle-cut pickle chip, topped with hot melted cheddar cheese and topped again with crushed up Crunchy Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Available at Biggy’s II.

Crunchy Flamin' Hot Pickles from Biggys II (Houston Rodeo)

Fresh Fruit Cup

Fresh Fruit Cup from TX Steak Out (Houston Rodeo)

Deep Fried Cookie Dough

Deep Fried Cookie Dough (Houston Rodeo)

Hot Cheetos Float Drink

Hot Cheetos Float Drink from Candy Factory (Houston Rodeo)

Cowboy Caramel Apple

Cowboy Caramel Apple (Houston Rodeo)

Flavored Candy Apples

Flavored Candy Apples from Sweeties (Houston Rodeo)

Cookie Joint Ice Cream Sandwich Sundae

Cookie Joint Ice Cream Sandwich Sundae from Totally Baked (Houston Rodeo)


Deep Fried Jambalaya Roll: “This delicious blend of flavors is combined with morsels of chicken and delicious sausage that is married with rice and Cajun seasonings to create a mouthwatering experience. It’s deep fried to a golden brown perfection and served with a tangy dipping sauce that will make this an instant must-have. Available at Cajun Cowboy in Rodeo Plaza.”

Deep Fried Jambalaya Roll (Houston Rodeo)

Island Slaw: Creamy coleslaw with mandarin oranges, crushed pineapple, snap peas, topped with teriyaki chicken a light sriracha glaze and sprinkled with crushed macadamia nuts. Available at Island Noodles in The Junction.

Island Slaw (Houston Rodeo)

The Teahouse Tapioca and Tea - Cookies and Cream Blend

Cookies and Cream Blend from The Teahouse Tapioca and Tea (Houston Rodeo)
Southern Fried Chicken Alfredo Ball (Houston Rodeo)
Darlin's Fried Chicken (Houston Rodeo)
Pickle Pizza (Houston Rodeo)

What sounds good to you? Let us know what you’re interested in tasting at this year’s rodeo in the comments.

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