Sweet spots for Houston sweethearts: These romantic Inner Loop locales offer peace and serenity

Tried-and-true inner city attractions where lovers can connect, whether it’s their first date or their 100th

Japanese Garden (Pixabay)

Houston is chock-full of date-worthy destinations; The city’s fine dining scene certainly doesn’t lack for renowned restaurants and extravagant eateries; H-Town is awash in trendy bars and glitzy nightclubs; And there are plenty of oh-so-Instagrammable pop-up events and immersive experiences perfect for some sick snaps.

That said, why not try a less elaborate venue come V-Day? Someplace quiet and quaint where you and your partner can actually relax, talk, and enjoy one another’s company sans a fussy menu or a loud crowd. Truly, some of Houston’s time-honored treasures are among the most romantic spots in the city.

Here are a few of Houston’s simple yet stunning spots – a mix of iconic, tried-and-true attractions where lovers can connect, whether it’s their first date or their 100th.

Houston’s gardens

McGovern Centennial Gardens (Pixabay)

Natural beauty abounds in the concrete jungle we call home. Whether your nursing a blossoming romance or nurturing an old one, consider a romantic stroll through one of the city’s gorgeous gardens.

Hermann Park’s crown jewel, McGovern Centennial Gardens, boasts a gorgeous lawn bookended on one end by a fountain and on the other by a waterfall flowing down the side of a thirty-foot mount. The perpetually green expanse at the center of the park is an ideal spot to set down a blanket and stare up at the sky or enjoy a romantic picnic.

Japanese Garden (Pixabay)

A short walk west of McGovern Centennial Gardens, Hermann Park’s other resident garden offers a serenity not always on offer at Centennial Gardens. The tranquil Japanese Garden is festooned with waterfalls, a winding stream, Koi pond, tea house, stone pathways and carefully manicured blooms. The entrance to the Japanese Garden is near the Pioneer Memorial obelisk in the heart of the park. The garden is often overlooked by park visitors flocking to the area to see the Sam Houston monument, iconic reflection pool and the obelisk that are among the park’s most identifiable landmarks.

Bayou Bend Collection and Garden (Briana Zamora-Nipper/KPRC 2)

If you and your sweetheart share a mutual interest in Houston history, consider a visit to the Bayou Bend Collection and Garden. The repurposed residence of late Houston philanthropist Ima Hogg, the iconic pink “house museum” of the Museum of Fine Arts sits on a 14-acre estate comprised of formal gardens and woodland areas. Hogg created the gardens to reflect the Country Place era in American landscape design and the gardens are arranged into “rooms” replete with manicured shrubs, flowers and statues of Greek muses. Magnolias, crape myrtles, and other flowering trees as well as Azaleas abound on the property.

The home itself boasts displays of American furnishings, silver, ceramics, and paintings. Access to Bayou Bend’s gardens is included with tickets to view the house but gardens-only admission is also available.

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Houston’s love lock bridges

The love lock bridge stretching over Allen Parkway. (Briana Zamora)

Houston actually has two popular love lock locales for those bent on proclaiming their undying love, hardware in hand -- though there are far and above more love locks affixed to one than the other.

The most accoutered of the two is a small pedestrian bridge stretching over Allen Parkway. The bridge perpetually shimmers with a smattering of love locks which dangle from its chain-link fence. The small crossing may not be the most romantic of locations (most likely view it merely as an access point to Eleanor Tinsley Park, one of the city’s most trafficked outdoor attractions) but others (typically the kind of people that look at life through rose-colored glasses) will appreciate what it has to offer -- somewhat obstructed views of downtown Houston’s skyline, thanks to the numerous love locks, and an aura of romance, thanks to the numerous love locks.

Love locks also often accumulate on the Rosemont Pedestrian Bridge nearby. The location, often lauded as one of the Inner Loop’s most scenic spots, soars over Buffalo Bayou and offers treetop views of Buffalo Bayou Park and Houston’s downtown skyscrapers.

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The Cockrell Butterfly Center

Cockrell Butterfly Center (Briana Zamora)

Is your heart aflutter? Consider a romantic outing at the Cockrell Butterfly Center, a stunning rain forest conservatory housing hundreds of beautiful butterflies.

Breeze through its massive collection of arthropods (members of the Arthropoda, the largest phylum in the animal kingdom, which includes butterflies, spiders, centipedes, scorpions, beetles, and cockroaches). See preserved and living specimens in the museum’s Entomology Hall before taking a trip through the butterfly habitat. The spectacular, three-story structure has a 50-foot waterfall, several trees, tropical flowers, leafy bushes, a pool, some tortoises and even an iguana named Charro -- oh, and obviously, hundreds and hundreds of butterflies.

At any given time, about 1,500 to 2,000 winged beauties representing some fifty to sixty of the world’s largest butterfly species call the rain forest conservatory home. Here, they live out their brief lives among their favorite plants, unthreatened by predators. Butterfly enthusiasts can stroll through the glass greenhouse and observe them swooping, sunbathing, fluttering on fruit trays and feasting on soggy bananas. If you’re lucky (and you stand still long enough) a resident butterfly might even land on your shoulder -- Just remember to keep that swat reflex under control.

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Hermann Park’s pedal boats

Hermann Park pedal boats (Pixabay)

Smack-dab in the center of Hermann Park lies Lake McGovern, a pretty little body of water upon which you can boat around while duck-watching. Hand-in-hand, zip about and explore the park from a new perspective.

Eleanor Tinsley Park

Eleanor Tinsley Park (Pixabay)

Located along Allen Parkway between Sabine Street and Taft in Buffalo Bayou park, Eleanor Tinsley Park is one of the city’s premier green spaces. Each year, it’s the sight of dozens of major Houston events, including the city’s annual Freedom Over Texas firework show. The park’s massive appeal is credited in large part to its sweeping panoramic views of the downtown Houston skyline.

James Turrell’s Twilight Epiphany Skyspace

James Turrell Twilight Epiphany Skyspace (Pixabay)

Artist James Turrell created the Skyspace installation in 2012 to honor Rice University’s centennial. The soaring structure features a light show that projects onto the ceiling during sunrise and sunset. The Skyspace structure is open and available to the public throughout the day. To experience the Twilight Epiphany sunset light sequence, simply walk up to it. Though a public art installation, the space feels intimate and special.

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This isn’t an exhaustive list and what someone considers romantic is, of course, subjective. Tell us about the most romantic or sentimental spot in your Houston. If you have some sweet snaps of the lovely locale, share them with us at Click2Pins. We may add your suggestions to our list.

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