Airbnb, college tuition, stocks? 5 unique gift card ideas

These might be useful, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner

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There are so many rich choices these days when it comes to the world of travel – and with popular sites like Airbnb and VRBO, you can even stay in more unique places than ever before.

Live like a local, or snag the perfect mountainside house for your next ski trip. It’s all possible.

Did you realize you can now “gift” a travel experience to someone else?

Airbnb sells gift cards, which is perfect for loved ones planning a weekend getaway or even a family vacation abroad.

It’s neat to think that you could contribute to someone’s unique experience, anywhere in the world.

It got us thinking: What other gift cards are for sale?

Here are five unique experiences you can purchase – perhaps for loved ones on Valentine’s Day? – or any other occasion, for that matter.

1. Airbnb

A popular way for people to reserve lodging spots for vacations, gift cards for Airbnb can be bought digitally or physically. Gift cards purchased on are digital-only, but participating stores such as Target, CVS, Walmart or Walgreens sell them physically, as well.

They don’t expire and can be purchased for amounts between $25 and $2,500.

Gift cards purchased in the United States can only be redeemed by those who reside in the United States, but the value can be spent on any stay around the world.

2. Stockpile

Did you know that gift cards and the stock market can actually go together?

Well, they can with this gift card that can be used to buy shares or fractions of stocks or exchange-traded funds.

Recipients can pick a stock and earn more than was on the card, or of course, make a bad investment and lose the value of their card.

3. The gift of college

Are you a college student who has no interest in getting restaurant or shopping gift certificates, but bemoans student debt or loans accrued? Well, here’s a terrific way to feel the love of others through gift cards and chip away at that college debt. The gift card allows you to create an account and allow friends and family members to donate funds for college expenses.

4. ‘Go Play Golf’ cards

Do you like golf, but aren’t interested in gift cards to any shops, because you already have every piece of equipment needed? This card can be used for actual playing since it can be applied toward green fees at more than 5,000 courses nationwide. It can also be used at certain courses in Mexico, Europe and in Caribbean countries. If you still need equipment apparel, the cards can be used for that, also.

5. Cloud 9 Living

Are you a thrill seeker? Well, you can request the gift of such thrills by asking for a Cloud 9 Living Gift Card. Applying cards can give you discounts on adventures such as race car driving, hot air balloons, sky diving or zip lining. It’s also good for scenic tours, spa treatments and cooking classes.

Which one of these cards would you be most likely to use? Let us know in the comments below.

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