Here is how to keep your pets safe this Howl’oween

Tips to protect your fur babies

Halloween pets (Pixabay)

HOUSTON – As communities prepare for an exciting Halloween weekend, the Houston Humane Society is providing helpful tips for keeping your beloved animals safe this year. This is a reminder to all pet owners to not only keep an eye out for trick or treaters but pets too.

Here are the Houston Humane Society’s top five tricks to ensure that pets remain safe this weekend.

1. Avoid potential candy dangers. Candy should be kept out of reach of pets, animals may be tempted to eat some chocolatey treats which can be fatal if pets consume it. Be sure to also watch out for candy wrappers, as they can become a choking hazard and cause stomach issues when ingested.

2. Beware of jack-o’-lanterns. Spooky Halloween decorations like carved out pumpkins and other sorts of décor can be a potential safety hazard. Make sure to keep them out of reach from curious pets to avoid accidents like house fires.

3. Create a trick-or-treating safe space. Try to avoid any possible aggressive situations or escapes by keeping your pets in a safe room inside of the house. Trick-or-treat can be very stressful for animals.

4. Be mindful of costumes. Though pet costumes can be extremely adorable, they may not be so well received by animals. Try to avoid stressing your pet out if they are not comfortable with their costume. If you do have plans to dress up your pet, check beforehand to make sure it is the perfect fit and give your pet time to become familiar with wearing it around the house first.

5. Keep black cats inside. Black cats are often considered to be a symbol for spooky season but unfortunately they are more likely to be victims of mistreatment on Halloween. Keep your pets safe inside and make sure they have a proper ID and microchip in case they happen to escape.

For more pet safety tips and information on resources visit, click here.