What do dads really want for Father’s Day? We asked, you answered

Family time came in as a popular answer. (Pexels stock image)

Do you know what you’re getting your dad or husband -- or any similar father figure in your life -- for Father’s Day?

It’s coming up quickly, set for June 20.

So whether you need a specific gift idea or you’re just wondering what men really want, you could skim the following answers. Some really do list a physical gift, while others are more meaningful (and sweet!)

“Family time” was definitely a theme, reviewing the 40 to 50 answers we received.

Here are some we thought we’d share:

“What do you really want for Father’s Day?”

  • “No responsibility, no cooking, no BBQing, no paying the bill, no setting anything (up) -- just enjoying my wife and children for a day without worrying about anything that I am responsible for.” -- Jeff from Davie, Florida
  • “A visit and a hug from my kids and grandkids. I’ll supply and grill the burgers and hot dogs.” -- Anonymous
  • “Rest and relaxation with friends and family.” -- Anonymous
  • “A hug and a kiss from each of my children.” -- Anonymous
  • “My father back.” -- Robb from New Boston, Michigan
  • “(A) monthly steak and/or beer subscription.” -- Nameless in Miami
  • “New boots or a new straw hat.” -- Mo from Kerrville, Texas
  • “To bring my father back from the grave, and have a relationship with him, since now it’s too late.” -- Valentino from Miami, Florida
  • “A large, friendly puppy.” -- Nameless in Bayview, Texas
  • “I want my adult, moved out kids, to schedule the day, buy the food, cook the food, serve the food, provide real conversation, and clean it all up at the end of the day. That would be awesome!” -- Anonymous
  • “Just to see my six grandchildren together at the same time.” -- Jesse from Houston, Texas
  • “Absolutely nothing but family.” -- Anonymous
  • “For Father’s Day, I want to to be a father and treat my kids and grandkids to a steak dinner cooked on my grill. Yes, cooking for my kids and grandkids on Father’s Day is work, but (it’s) work of love for my family.” -- Eric from Sugar Land, Texas
  • “(A) big slice of the best pizza in town.” -- Virgil from San Antonio, Texas
  • “A 160-piece tool set.” -- Ramon from San Antonio
  • “A day at the gun range. There is no better way to melt the stress away.” -- Rafael from Spring, Texas
  • “I know it’s cliché, but family time with my three beautiful daughters and beautiful wife is all I really want. Family time is very rare these day with the COVID-19 pandemic.” -- Raul (no location provided)
  • “Solitude.” -- Anonymous
  • “Some new shirts.” -- Gery from Conroe, Texas
  • “Tickets to go on a ghost hunt at Eloise.” -- Brian from Westland, Michigan
  • “I would like to see my son I haven’t seen in over 30 years.” -- Anonymous
  • “(A) vacation to St. James Club in Antigua.” -- Thomas from Cutler Bay, Florida
  • “I was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I sure would like to be healed with a miracle, but if that’s not an option, then I would love to take my wife of five years on a honeymoon somewhere tropical that we were never able to take at the time. We have a big family with eight children and had a small wedding on Mackinac Island in 2017. We always put our family first before our needs. It would be special to give her a honeymoon and take a trip together before anything happens to me.” -- Mike from Oxford, Michigan
  • “Just to be with the family on the beach, then watch the U.S. Open.” -- Will (no location provided)
  • “A Corvette convertible C8.” -- Anonymous
  • “A solar generator, compact circular saw (and a) kickboxing punching bag.” -- Nameless in Davenport, Florida
  • “In all honesty, nothing, but my wife will not allow that. A massage, a six-pack, a nice cigar, a trip to a brewery -- something simple that promotes relaxation for an hour or so. Expensive gifts lose their charm quickly and stress me out, personally.” -- Ryan from Canton, Michigan
  • “Well, to start with, every day day is Father’s Day for the dad who is a family man and of course loves his children. I lost my dad 10 years ago. The simplest answer/gift is time. If at all possible, spend the day with dad. That’s what he wants most. Something he likes to drink is the tangible part, if the child can afford it. Remember, tomorrow is promised to no one. So on the third Sunday in June, hang around dear old dad. That’s the only real thing he wants. Just my two cents as a dad of 29 years.” -- Steve from Orlando, Florida
  • “A weekend trip to the Hill Country with all my kids and grandson.” -- Raul from Pasadena, Texas

Those family answers are so nice. 💛

Have an idea cooking? Maybe just bringing yourself, your siblings or kids over would be more than enough, according to some of these answers.

Want to share your response? There’s still time, by the way.

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