Ana, Elsa and Olaf: 2021 potential Hurricane names include “Frozen” characters

"Frozen" (Courtesy--Walt Disney Studios)

For the first time in forever, this year’s hurricane season has a bit of a Disney theme.

Three of this year’s names derive from the protagonists in the popular Disney movie series “Frozen”: Ana, Elsa for the Atlantic, and Olaf for the Eastern Pacific.

Although one of the sisters go by “Anna,” the first storm of this year’s Atlantic hurricane season will be “Ana,” according to the National Hurricane Center.

Elsa and Anna (Courtesy -- Walt Disney Studios)

So, could we see a Hurricane Ana, or a Hurricane Elsa, or even a Hurricane Olaf in the Eastern Pacific? No matter the outcome, it’s always a good idea to prepare, and that’s one act of true love.

In certain circumstances, the National Hurricane Center recycles storm name lists every six years unless there is a change such as retiring a name due to storm strength or costliness.

To see the full list of names for both the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific, click here.

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