WATCH: Rescued dog saves another dog from drowning in owner’s swimming pool

Jessie (right) attempts to save Chucky, the Pomeranian, from drowning in their owner's swimming pool in this still photo from a viral online posting. (Byron Thanarayen/Facebook)

A dog is hailed a hero for saving a Pomeranian from drowning in his owner’s swimming pool in a viral video making waves around the internet.

Security camera footage posted by Byron Thanarayen on Facebook shows Jessie, his rescued Staffordshire bull terrier noticing the Pomeranian, Chucky, nearly drowning, The Times South Africa reported.

Both he and his wife Melissa searched for clues after finding both dogs drenched in water, thinking they were in the pool unsupervised, according to The Times.

(Before you start judging... we are getting the pool covered!) I can't believe she did this! It broke our hearts to see this happen when we looked at the security footage. Melissa Thanarayen

Posted by Byron Thanarayen on Thursday, April 8, 2021

The video stated Jessie was able to rescue Chucky for about 34 minutes, managing to pull the dog by using her teeth. The Thanarayens told The Times South Africa that watching the video “is still heart-wrenching.”

“We still struggle to watch that video today, just thinking of what could have happened if Jessie was not there,” Byron Thanarayen said, “I’m really proud of her, considering she is (7 years old).”

A pool cover will be installed, hoping an incident like this does not occur again, The Times reported.

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