Where to find the gooiest grilled cheese in Houston with a tasty twist

HOUSTON – In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day, we’re spotlighting a local business that has perfected the art of the gooey melty sandwich. Twisted Grilled Cheese has added on to its popular food truck business by opening its first brick and mortar shop in The Heights where it boasts wilder and more twisted menu options for diners to dig into. Co-founders Erinne Willrich and Paige Palmer shared how they got into the gooey business.

“We’re in diverse Houston – a lot of different restaurants, a lot of different food markets. So, it was like ‘Well, what do we like to eat? What’s really out there? What can be refined?’ So, we thought about grilled cheese,” said Willrich.

A family owned business, Twisted Grilled Cheese first started out as a food truck in October 2019. Though offering a simple concept, the truck quickly gained a big foodie following in part due to its extremely photogenic sandwiches.

“We didn’t think that it would turn into anything like this. People liked it, and they kept coming. It was amazing,” said Willrich.

Business picked up quickly, expanding to a second food truck and a brick and mortar within a year. Palmer attributes their rapidly growing success to a special ingredient.

“I think when people think about grilled cheese, they just think about two pieces of bread and some cheese in between it, but for us it’s more just love inside of that grilled cheese – a lot of love, a lot of cheese,” said Palmer.

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