April Fools! Here are 9 pranks companies, cities have pulled this year

Bud Light Pizza flavored beer (Bud Light/Twitter)

HOUSTON – Happy April Fools Day, Houston!

Several companies and Texas cities this year have come up with some of the best pranks, from foreign language toilet paper to hair dye that allows you to change colors using an app, and pizza-flavored beer.

Here’s some of the pranks for this year:

At Home - Guinea Pig Collection

The home décor superstore decided to create the same exact products and décor sold to humans -- for your furry little friends! Yes, even for your small furry friends like guinea pigs.

Bellaire - Rare Texicorn found

In an article by The Buzz Magazines, a group of teenagers found and rescued a rare “Texihorn,” an animal that is only found on April 1. You can read how the story unfolded here.

LEGO - Smartbricks

Tired of stepping on your kid’s LEGO pieces? Seems the company found a better solution called Smartbricks, bricks that repel from your feet every time you walk right on them.

Bud Light - Pizza-Flavored Beer

Bud Light began with their prank a little early, and surprisingly fans are interested in them. Flavors would include Anchovy, Extra Cheese, and Pepperoni.

Razer - Rapunzel Glow Up Hair Dye

Wish you could change your hair color every day? You can now, with RAZER Rapunzel Glow Up, where you can dye your hair and change it up using a smartphone app.

Velveeta - V by Velveeta Skincare

For the cheese lovers, Velveeta release a new skincare line just for them: V by Velveeta. Items include a night cream, serum, facewash, and moisturizer that smells just like your favorite cheese.

Duolingo - Language Toilet Paper

According to Duolingo scientists, the average person spends 14 hours in the bathroom. So they came up with a way to use your time at the bathroom wisely: by learning a language. Spanish, French and Portuguese rolls are jokingly available.

Volkswagen - Voltswagen

The German car company also started their prank a little early, but received overwhelming positive feedback on their announcement regarding an all-electric vehicle lineup.

Hot Wheels - DIY Car

Popular die-cast car brand Hot Wheels released a new type of car where you can assemble it yourself. It comes with all the parts you need to assemble your own car to add to your collection.

Introducing our kinda newish Hot Wheels die-cast, “You Do It”. Complete with pieces you typically see assembled, the “You Do It” takes the hard work out of our hands and puts it in yours. 🔧

Posted by Hot Wheels on Thursday, April 1, 2021

What pranks did you find this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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