Cardi B creates doll that she says represents her

(Todd Williamson/Nbc/Nbcu Photo Bank Via Getty Images)

Cardi B is taking over the doll business.

She dropped the announcement on her Instagram and during Today 3rd Hour on Friday that she is making her own doll for girls.

The rapper, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, worked with Real Women Are, a company focused on bringing equality awareness to bring a doll to inspire girls to see themselves, not just by their skin tone.

During her appearance on Today 3rd Hour on Friday, Cardi B explained she always bought a doll for Kulture, her 2-year-old daughter and admitted that some of the dolls were “too expensive.”

“I’ve never seen a doll look like me, or a doll that represents me,” she said during the interview. “When you go to the doll aisle when you was my age, it’s either like there’s a real white one, there’s a real dark one, and there’s like barely one that’s like in the middle.”

The limited-edition doll brought backlash to the rapper on social media, where fans were expecting a new album from her rather than a doll release.

“And I just be like ‘wow,’ these dolls are not like Barbies, they are way more expensive, they come with way more fashion, they come way more diverse, they come so chic and I gotta constantly spend money on these dolls because my daughter constantly wants me to buy these dolls. So it’s like, you know what? Why am I not going to get the doll business?” she said in a video she posted on Instagram.

Cardi B also said on Instagram she plans to create more dolls.

The doll was available for pre-orders on Real Women Are’s website for a limited time. They are due to ship this July.

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