Popeye’s unveils first-ever Cajun Flounder Sandwich

Popeye's launches fish sandwich
Popeye's launches fish sandwich (Copyright 2020 by CNN Newsource - All rights reserved.)

HOUSTON – Popeyes is putting a twist in their new fish sandwich which hits Houston-area menus Thursday.

The fast-food chain that brought in the “chicken sandwich craze” in 2019 released the new Cajun Flounder Sandwich, made with wild-caught flounder, pickles, tartar sauce and topped with a brioche bun.

Popeyes said they’ll “guarantee people will love their Cajun Flounder Sandwich.”

According to TODAY, those who are skeptical or very loyal to other fish sandwiches such as McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish can purchase Sandwich Insurance for an additional 15 cents. Those who submit a claim can get a free Chicken Sandwich in return only available on Thursday’s launch day.

The Cajun Flounder Sandwich is now available at all Houston-area Popeyes restaurants.

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