Kraft introduces pink candy-flavored macaroni and cheese for Valentine’s Day

Kraft introduces "pink" Macaroni and Cheese for Valentine's Day. (Heinz)

HOUSTON – Forget the box of chocolates and the rose bouquet, pink candy-flavored Mac & Cheese from Kraft is in.

Kraft announced the new twist to their original Mac & Cheese staple, mentioned on their website the pink-colored Mac will have the “same cheesy goodness with a hint of sweet candy.”

“Sure it sounds a little strange, but hey, love makes people do strange things,” the company said.

A spokesperson for Kraft told WCAU the vibrant pink hue comes from carrot and beet hue concentrates, and the taste contains vanilla extract with fructose.

To make Valentine’s Day a bit more “cheesier,” Kraft wants to give away 1,000 pink Mac & Cheese dinners to lucky couples. You can enter the sweepstakes by clicking here.

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