Meet the first ever all-female volunteer firefighter crew ready to protect League City

League City's first all-female firefighter crew.
League City's first all-female firefighter crew. (City of League City Fire Department/Instagram)

LEAGUE CITY, Texas – The League City Volunteer Fire Department’s latest crew are full of “girl power.”

Five female firefighters will represent three of League City’s volunteer fire stations, becoming the first all-female crew in the city’s 81-year history.

The City of League City shared a video on YouTube of their local heroes at work on Dec. 22. They wrote in the description the five ladies completed their rigorous four-month training to graduate last month.

“You hear the term ‘firemen’, it has always been a male-dominated industry,” Johanna Kirkpatrick, one of the volunteer firefighters, said in the video. “So it’s neat that we’ve had so many females come in and keep up with the guys.”

The city said the description having enough women in the department to create an all-female crew is a huge milestone. Only 11 ladies out of the total 162 League City residents have signed up to volunteer.

“Over the last couple of years, the city’s female firefighters have worked hard to not only earn their place on the team, but to grow their skills and advance within the department,” the City of League City added.

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