This boy, a 12-year-old college sophomore, will give you hope for the future

Caleb Anderson is seriously impressive

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What were you doing when you were 12?

Probably running around with your friends, eating after-school snacks and learning how to navigate the world. Attending school, certainly -- but not college. College is for older kids, right?

Wrong, if your name happens to be Caleb Anderson.

Caleb, who probably enjoys after-school snacks as much as the next boy, is a little different.

The 12-year-old -- who was reading as a baby and passed the first grade when he was 3, his mom told NPR -- is now a college sophomore at Chattahoochee Technical College, in Georgia.

He’s studying to become an aerospace engineer. He’s turned quite a few heads over the past year or so, which you can see if you visit his family’s Instagram page.

Earlier this month, the Marietta, Ga. boy wrote a piece for Newsweek, talking about what it’s been like to grow up as a gifted person.

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