Can you recognize our KPRC 2 men? Check out their No-Shave November progress pics

Keith Garvin - No-Shave November Week 4 (KPRC)

HOUSTON – By now you may have noticed a lot more stubble from the KPRC 2 men.

Many might think they forgot to shave in the morning, however, the gentlemen are putting down their razors to help raise awareness for men’s health.

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This November, Kris Gutierrez, Owen Conflenti, Keith Garvin, Justin Stapleton, Eric Braate, Jonathan Martinez, Derrick Shore, Joe Sam, Ari Alexander, Bill Barajas and Michael Lopardi are growing their facial hair to help raise at least $5,0000 for No-Shave November.

While there are plenty of days remaining this month, we want to give you an update on their latest looks.

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Owen Conflenti - No-Shave November Week 4 (KPRC)
Kris Gutierrez - No-Shave November Week 4 (KPRC)
Jonathan Martinez - No-Shave November Week 4 (KPRC)
Joe Sam - No-Shave November Week 4 (KPRC)
Eric Braate - No-Shave November Week 4 (KPRC)
Michael Lopardi - No-Shave November Week 4 (KPRC)
Keith Garvin - No-Shave November Week 4 (KPRC)

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