Houston History: KPRC introduces ‘The Big 2 Instant News Camera’ during the election of 1974

The Big 2 Instant News Camera introduced in 1974
The Big 2 Instant News Camera introduced in 1974 (KPRC)

HOUSTON – In 2020, breaking news can be accessed practically anywhere at any time. With today’s technology, reporters and journalists can go live from a scene in a matter of seconds thanks to technology such as our smartphones.

However, that wasn’t the case before the mid-1970s. In fact, it would take hours for newscasts to showcase their footage. It wasn’t until 1974 when KPRC 2 introduced a new piece of equipment that would change its news coverage forever.

Prior to 1974, ‘Big 2 News’ had to do a variety of steps to get footage on air for its newscasts. In a news story produced by Larry Weidman and narrated by KPRC 2 Anchor Larry Rasco, they showcase what it was like to get film footage on air.

In the news story below, Rasco explains how KPRC had to shoot the film footage, transport it to the station, process the footage in its development room, edit it, send it to a projector and finally broadcast it.

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As for live shots, a television remote unit had to be used, requiring numerous people to set up the event and use expensive equipment that would take a whole day to set up.

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