Voices of Houston: Meet Conchita Reyes, a Latina leader ‘planting seeds’ in Houston’s community

Voices of Houston: Conchita Reyes
Voices of Houston: Conchita Reyes (KPRC)

HOUSTON – Each month, KPRC 2 will celebrate and honor people from all backgrounds, ages and genders doing extraordinary things in our community.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, Voices of Houston is spotlighting Conchita Reyes. Reyes is the president of her own company, CR Financials Group, a board member of the Morales Memorial Foundation and holds several leadership roles in the Greater Houston community. Most recently, she helped with getting technology to the Houston-area students.

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Voices of Houston: Conchita Reyes
Voices of Houston: Conchita Reyes

Who is Conchita Reyes?

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I grew up in the Aldine District and graduated from MacArthur High School. But also, I had another life in the summertime. My dad would send us off to Mexico and so every summer I would go out there to learn the language, the culture and so forth. It wasn’t until eighth grade when I actually left Houston and went to live in Mexico. I studied in a private Catholic school in Guadalajara, and then eventually we came back and I finished out my schooling here in Houston. I grew up in the Second Ward, with the Ballet Folklorico under the direction of Nelly Fraga and I danced for a couple of years. Growing up, we danced in front of thousands of people at Hermann Park and Moody Park. Being 6 or 7 years old, we were dancing and performing in front of everybody during Hispanic Heritage Month.

I graduated from the University of Houston Downtown with a Computer Information System (degree) and was picked up by a CPA firm. They asked me to get additional education for accounting, so I did and I worked for two CPA firms for a total of six years. Then I went off on my own. I opened up my own company, CR Financials Group. I tell people my real job is volunteering the paid job is accounting and consulting, but I enjoy being out there in the community. I enjoy helping with whatever I can.

Conchita Reyes as a child (KPRC)

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