Keeping COVID-19 stress out of your marriage - 5 ways to strengthen your relationship during the pandemic

HOUSTON – For most of us, the COVID-19 era brought another expected time of being at home with our spouses or partners all of the time. Families are cooped up, some parents are trying to work while taking care of kids. It’s been enough to put even the strongest relationships to the test.

Marriage spotlight: meet Tristen and CC Sutton

Tristen and CC Sutton have been married for 13 years. The pair even had a radio show called “Making Marriage Great Again.” So, when the stay home, work safe orders came down, they knew they had to create a plan to keep their marriage bond strong. Especially since Tristen would now be working from home with CC.

“At first, we started off with ‘I’m gonna use the camera and the microphone at this time and put it on your calendar,‘” recalls CC.

“We were only children trying to share,” Tristen chimed in.

“So needless to say, that didn’t work,” CC explained.

Before the pandemic, CC was super social, with networking events, dining out and even ballroom dancing. Now, it was all canceled.

“We know we’re gonna have some disagreements. How are we gonna handle those?” CC asked. “Out of love. That is our code word for, ‘Hey, I really need to tell you something that you’re probably not gonna want to hear right now. But I need you to de-arm or deactivate the clap back that’s within you so we can have a civil conversation and you can hear my side and I can hear yours, in a civilized manner and in peace,’” explains Tristen.