10 of our favorite El Arroyo signs that perfectly showcase Texans’ attitudes

El Arroyo (El Arroyo)

El Arroyo, a Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin known for its brutally honesty and hilarious street signs, has perfectly showcased Texans’ attitudes for years.

Whether it’s about alcohol and queso or weather and traffic, Texans can relate to the message.

Here are 10 of our favorite signs:

1. The key to starting your day right.

2. Texans aren’t surprised by unexpected weather.

3. Happens too often...

4. Margaritas are always the answer.

5. A Texan could give you an essay in response to this question.

6. In Texas, it’s never too early.

7. Forever <3

8. This is your final warning.

9. All y’all already knew.

10. Don’t we all?

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