5 ways your kids can help Houston-area seniors in need

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The elderly community, especially here in the Houston-area are significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

With kids out of school, you can encourage them to help Houston-area seniors in need while practicing social distancing as a way to volunteer their time and to relieve their boredom at home.

You can contact a senior living facility near you and see how you could do one of these activities for their residents. Here’s a good resource to help you find a center near you.

Here are five ways you can encourage your kids to help out:

Create a gift basket

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Kids can create gift baskets containing small gifts and snacks such as jams, cookies or crackers, stationary items, and craft supplies for seniors to benefit during these trying times. Gift baskets can also be made by gender (such as, men’s and women’s toiletries).

Some notable items they can include in gift baskets: