GALLERY: Houstonians dusted off their photo albums and shared these great prom photos from the past

Prom night is a great time for high school students. (iStock)

Many of us are reminiscing about prom night as it’s that time of year across the country. But there’s some sadness this year as schools are closed and prom in many places has been canceled or is expected to be canceled.

With the majority of us at home these days, our KPRC 2 Facebook audience dusted off their albums and shared some of their best memories of prom.

Check out some of the images below:

Judy Bryan shares a prom picture of her youngest daughter a few years back. (Judy Bryan/Facebook)

Facebook follower Judy Bryan shares a prom picture of her youngest daughter from a few years back.

Jansen Hicks's daughter remade her prom photo to include her father in the image. (Jansen Hicks/Facebook)

Jansen Hicks’s daughter fixed her prom picture to replace her date with a photo of her father.

Here’s a prom picture from 1968! Gerard Jerry Roddy Resseque says he’s still married to his wife, who was also his prom date.

Debbie Van shares her picture from 1987. She says she is still married to her “prom date” today.

Christian Arteaga shares his 2016 prom picture with his date.