How are Texans doing with social distancing? Not that bad, according to this survey

Uncast social distancing scoreboard. (Uncast)

Texas, how are we doing in terms of social distancing from one another?

According to data from, Texas scored an average grade of "B" for social distancing statewide.

However, two counties in Texas, Wheeler and Hall did not score well. Both of which recently earned an “F.”

Locally, Houston-area counties scored well in social-distancing. Counties such as Harris, Brazoria, Galveston, and Montgomery scored well.

The data was used along with guidelines from the World Health Organization and the CDC on social distancing. Devices used by were used to determine the size and population of each county observed.

The U.S. scored a "B" overall, with the top five states being D.C., Nevada, New Jersey, Vermont and Massachusetts. The grade was primarily due to several states such as California and Illinois and counties such as the Houston-area having issued “stay-at-home” orders.

Top five counties in the U.S

1. Kalawao, Hawaii

2. San Juan, Colorado

3. Haines Borough, Alaska

4. Skagway Municipality, Alaska

5. Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska

Top five states in the U.S,

1. District of Colombia

2. Nevada

3. New Jersey

4. Vermont

5. Massachusetts