Sweet video! Stafford MSD shares video messages from teachers to students during tough times

Stafford MSD teachers give message to students during closure (Stafford MSD)

STAFFORD, Texas – Stafford Municipal School District released a sweet video of several teachers sharing a message to their students during school closures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The district said its goal was to show support towards its students during this tough time

Here are some of the messages below:

“What I miss most is my morning hugs from the kids when they would first get to school and then also how excited they would get everything right on their papers and I would come by checking it,” said Ms. Liyanage, of Stafford Intermediate.

“I miss my students excitement when they get something correct, their eyes just open up wide. I miss you guys," said Mr. Zepeda, of Stafford Intermediate.

“What I miss about my students is there laughter, their vibrant personalities and their smiling faces everyday. Just know that you are loved and you are missed and if you need anything, you know where you can find me. See ya’ll soon,” said Ms. Fonda, of Stafford Intermediate.

Watch the full video:

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