New details after Channel 2 Investigates finds art collection stashed in county maintenance shed

HOUSTON – Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis still does not want to talk about the hundreds of pieces of African Artwork that Channel 2 Investigates found stashed inside a taxpayer-funded maintenance shed within his precinct.

Ellis has made it clear to us on multiple occasions that he is not answering our questions. However, on Thursday afternoon, Ellis took to social media with a music video touting his precinct’s public art program. But he made no mention of the artwork in the shed, which some experts say is priceless.

Last Saturday, Channel 2 Investigates captured many people going in and out of the shed. The flurry of activity came days after we started asking questions. Ellis’ team tells Channel 2 Investigates they have completed a partial inventory of all the art and turned it over to the county attorney.

Again, all of this after we questioned Commissioner Ellis.

Another person not talking is Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. We informed her about the secret art stash more than two weeks ago. However, she will not sit down with us to discuss what we uncovered. However, she did speak on Friday during a news conference to endorse Commissioner Ellis.

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