Man battling terminal brain cancer marries long-time girlfriend with help from Houston Methodist staff

A woman married the love of her life while he battles stage four brain cancer. The couple has been together for seven years.

HOUSTON – A man battling terminal brain cancer married his long-time girlfriend at the chapel of Houston Methodist Hospital Monday, with the help of hospital staff.

Corey Cunningham asked his girlfriend Tyyisha Evans to marry him four times in the seven years they were together. But Cunningham traveled for weeks at a time for work and Evans says the timing wasn’t right.

“He has asked four times and the answer was always ‘no’ because Corey was always on the road for work and he would be away from home for months at a time,” Evans said, “But being as, the situation has changed and his medical status has changed, I decided to say ‘yes’.”

Evans battled breast cancer herself and a month after she went into remission, Cunningham was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an incurable form of brain cancer.

The life-changing news brought them even closer together.

“I just couldn’t imagine not marrying my best friend while he was here and I had the opportunity,” Evans said.

The couple married in front of dozens of nurses, family and friends Monday afternoon inside the beautifully decorated chapel at Houston Methodist Hospital. Evans and Cunningham exchanged vows and made a forever promise to one another.

“Seeing his face made me even more emotional,” said Evans during the ceremony. “I could feel throughout my entire body the love he has for me — I have never, never felt it more than today.”

She also expressed endless gratitude to the nursing staff at Houston Methodist for not only taking great care of her husband but also for arranging their wedding day and coordinating the flowers, cakes and decorations.

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