Houston musicians create song in honor of Mattress Mack

HOUSTON – The owner of Gallery Furniture, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, is known for building a furniture empire, but he’s gained even more popularity for his kind deeds. In a gesture of gratitude, a local singer and songwriting duo paid tribute to him with a song.

“It’s just a thank you , since that’s what we do is write songs, we want to speak for those that don’t write songs, all of Houston who love Mattress Mack,” said Kim Nash who wrote the song with her husband, Bill.

The dynamic duo comes from a long history of musical background.

Kim was a member of “The Belknap Family” and Bill was part of “The Nash Family Trio” who recorded a couple of albums for Columbia Records.

The couple wrote the hit song, “They Asked About You,” for Reba McEntire. The song landed on McEntire’s Greatest Hits Vol. II which was number one back in the nineties and sold more than 6 million copies.

The couple decided to take their talents to write a song for Mattress Mack, a Houston hero.

“When we see Mack on TV and what he does in our community... you just know somebody cares and God sent somebody like that,” said Bill.

The song references how Mack made his empire on his own and how he gives back to the community.

The chorus is catchy and repeats, “He’s Mattress Mack, Mattress Mack.”

Several times.

“Well he’s a one of a kind American self-made businessman,’ said Bill as he spoke the lyrics. “Because he is, all of these things that we said about him are really true and they all, when written down, they rhyme unbelievably so, and yeah we just want to say, ‘thank you,’ all of Houston thanks him.”

KPRC 2 News met up with Mattress Mack at his original store location of Gallery Furniture on Interstate 45 to play the song.

“That’s pretty good! That’s a hoot,” McIngvale laughed.

When asked if he thinks it should be his new jingle for a commercial he replied, “It should be, Bill and Kim sang that song very well. It made me laugh and smile. It’s great”

He’s a friend of the Nash family, who runs a non-profit called Champions Kids Camp and complimented them for their work in the community too.

“Bill Nash is a friend of mine and I see him a lot of charitable events, he and his wife do great charity work, he wrote that song about me, and I’m very flattered, in fact, I’m blushing right now,” said McIngvale. “They got rid of that pain in my neck and I got lyrics I can play to my wife when she starts criticizes my Astros bet.”

Mack said he’s feeling much better after receiving treatment to fix neck pain he was experiencing.