Cash drop by Houston rapper Trillzaee, friend Denzo going viral

By Aaron Barker - Senior Digital Editor

HOUSTON - Social media was sent buzzing over the weekend after two Houston rappers made a cash drop at a Whataburger restaurant, and vowed to do it again.

Rapper Trillzaee and his friend Denzo tweeted out videos of the pair tossing a wad of cash at customers at a Missouri City location of the fast food chain.

The video shows Trillzaee walking into the restaurant, getting everyone’s attention and then throwing the cash. Needless to say, the customers scramble trying to get their hands on a bill or two.

“All hundreds coming to a Whataburger near you,” Denzo said in his tweet, ending with the hashtag “bankroll.”

Click here to see the Missouri City video. WARNING: The video contains language that some may find objectionable.

Denzo told KPRC 2 that another cash drop happened at a location in Pearland on Monday. So far, the pair has given away about $2,500.

Click here to see the Pearland video. WARNING: The video contains language that some may find objectionable.

“The first time was just for fun,” Denzo said.

Denzo said that since the first drop, the pair has received messages about people in need. Now, it has become a way to give back to the community.

The pair plans to continue their cash drops, Denzo said, but the only way to find out where they are headed next is to follow them on Twitter @DenzoSoHouston and @Trillzaee.

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