🔒 Cameo king: KPRC 2′s Bill Spencer has made appearances in these films, documentaries

Bill Spencer on a stock movie graphic. (KPRC 2, Copyright 2022 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.)

Houston – KPRC 2′s Bill Spencer is an Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist, beloved husband and a dedicated cat dad, but did you know he is also the station’s reigning king of cameos?

Here is a list of productions Bill has appeared in, along with some fun facts about him and his experiences acting in these films.

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”Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Smart Story,” 1991

See if you can catch Bill’s appearance in the video trailer below.

Bill’s most memorable case he ever worked was that of Pamela Smart, who plotted to kill her husband in 1990. In regard to the true story that inspired this movie and several others, Bill said that “watching the story grow from a run-of-the-mill murder story to this worldwide story was just wild.”

Bill was originally only supposed to be the film’s consultant due to his knowledge on the subject as he was the one who originally broke the case. He was later written into the actual film and played himself in the movie, which led to the most memorable moment of his time on this film -- sharing a one-on-one scene with Helen Hunt who played the role of Smart.

He was also blown away by how many people it takes to film a movie, and said, “the amount of people around you, like 50-60 different people all around you, lighting people, and directors, and even a continuity expert to make sure you move the same way and say things in the same way.”

Another fun fact is that he had dinner with Hunt when he arrived to film the movie. During dinner, they talked about what it was like for him to break the case and how Hunt studied his reports to provide an accurate representation of Smart.

”Weird, True, & Freaky,” 2008

While Bill did not have a direct role in this series, he said that “the reason I wound up in ‘Weird‚ True, and Freaky’ was that I had done some stories on these UFO sightings in the skies above Phoenix, and they just took clips from my news stories and put them in their show.”

Bill said he is open to doing more cameos in the future if he is given permission and has time. As a member of the KPRC 2 family, Bill said that it is “part of my contract that wherever I am, that I ask permission from my bosses to do that.”

”You Don’t Know Jack,” 2010

Bill’s role in the 2010 film was that of a reporter, investigating Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a psychiatrist who assisted terminally-ill patients in self suicide.

Bill’s most notable moment of being in this film is getting to share the screen with his favorite actor, Al Pacino, who played the role of Dr. Kevorkian.

In the scene he shared with Al Pacino, Bill said the scene called for him to “run through a crowd of people at the courthouse, and run past a group of reporters and interview him (Pacino).”

Bill also recalls flubbing the same ad-libbed scene by running up to Pacino and having nothing to say as he was star-struck by the presence of his favorite actor.

”Scream 4,” 2011

Bill’s role in “Scream 4″ was a television reporter.

“The coolest thing about making that movie was the scene I was in, we had five different television news reporters lined up in a row, and it was a very complex scene because the camera had to move by all five of us, and we had to hit our lines at the exact moment that the camera is going by,“ Bill said.

If that is not crazy sounding enough, Bill added, “At the same time, they had two or three different ambulances going by that had their sirens going, lights going, all while a helicopter was landing. It was an unbelievably complex scene.”

The scene was so complex, that Wes Craven actually sat down and spoke with the five reporters about it, which Bill said was another highlight because Wes Craven was “such a nice guy.”

”Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart,” 2014

For this documentary series, Bill was once again interviewed for his knowledge of the Smart murder case.

“I appear in the production but only because I was being interviewed about the case,” Bill explained, adding that they also featured him in the first few seconds of the production by using his voice from several reports from 1991.

”Pamela Smart: An American Murder Mystery,” 2018

While Bill did not have a direct role in this production, he was interviewed for his knowledge of the Pamela Smart murder case. He said that he was just “someone they interviewed because I was the guy who broke these stories.”

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