And just like that, ‘And Just Like That’ is finally starting to get good

Sarah Jessica Parker is seen filming "And Just Like That..." the follow up series to "Sex and the City" in Midtown on November 5, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images) (TheStewartofNY, 2021 Gotham)

We’re now six episodes into the reboot of “Sex and the City,” if you’ve been watching the new series called “And Just Like That” -- and after a bit of a rough start, it’s finally starting to feel like the show that viewers fell in love with more than 20 years ago.

It’s not that “And Just Like That” has been terrible, but we’ve had a lot of housekeeping in the first few episodes, so that we could get to where we are right now, which is these three women cleaning up the messes in their lives and trying to grow from those.

At first, the show felt clumsy, and like the producers were trying to fit in every single issue that the modern world is dealing with.

But now that the show has let the problems breathe a little bit, it’s been enlightening to witness these characters figure out how to live in 2021-22.

Let’s look at Charlotte, for example. When Charlotte’s daughter Rose turned out to be a tomboy, it seemed too obvious that prim and proper Charlotte would have a daughter who hated anything girly.

Then we find out that Rose doesn’t exactly feel like a girl -- and you can tell where the storyline is going.

It seemed like low-hanging fruit to make Charlotte have a non-binary child, but the scenes of Rock (formally Rose) talking to their parents, as well as Charlotte and Harry talking to their child’s school, felt absolutely real.

Charlotte and Harry’s reaction also felt like a normal reaction for parents who aren’t exactly educated in gender, but who still love their child, no matter what.

The biggest shock of the season was (spoiler alert!) Big’s sudden death, but the risky choice has paid off for Carrie. Watching Carrie have to get her life together, grow a little bit and make a new fabulous friend has been fun to watch, and it will be even better once we see her start dating again.

And then there’s Miranda.

Miranda’s choices at the beginning of the season felt like things Miranda would never do, but we learn that she’s deeply unhappy in her marriage (Steve has basically been MIA this entire show), so it’s not that shocking when she falls for Carrie’s boss, Che.

While Che is nowhere near the best new character the show has added (that award goes to Miranda’s law professor, Dr. Nya Wallace, whose struggle to get pregnant has been refreshing to watch), their relationship with Miranda has been fascinating to watch, including the aftermath of the now-infamous hook-up scene.

Now that Carrie and company are making better choices, the show is beginning to feel like the old thing. The banter between the ladies feels more natural, the jokes and zingers are landing and it’s just fun to watch them hang out again.

The only thing that could make this better, of course, would be the inclusion of Samantha. While many thought that the show would kill her off, Samantha is ever-present in almost every episode so far, which seems like a smart move by the producers.

The obvious hope is that Kim Cattrall will come back to the show, which would be fantastic for fans, but also for the ladies. They all obviously miss her so much, so it would be such a reward for audiences if this problem were resolved. Plus, the show is really missing her funny one-liners.

While this show is nowhere near perfect, neither was the original “Sex and the City” series, or the movies that followed. Why so many of us loved this show was because the characters were relatable, and their friendship was something you wanted in your own life.

With the women starting to get back to that groove of relatable conversations and funny jokes, “And Just Like That” is thankfully starting to resemble the show we all imagined it would be.

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