Rapper Travis Scott fined for holding event outside McDonald’s in California

(Gary Miller/Getty Images)

DOWNEY, Ca. – The success of rapper Travis Scott’s “Cactus Jack” collaboration with McDonald’s has caused so much excitement to the point that the Missouri City native is paying for it.

The rapper planned to surprise McDonald’s customers and employees in Downey, California, on Sept. 8 but fans caught wind of the event ahead of time and crowded the area.

Police said units were dispatched in response to the large crowd that was gathered in front of the McDonald’s. Officers said they were concerned about traffic and pedestrian safety. No injuries were reported.

The Downey Police Department spoke out on Twitter, saying Scott’s appearance wasn’t approved or permitted by the City of Downey. According to TMZ, the rapper and McDonald’s were fined $200 each.

Scott’s “Cactus Jack” meal consists of the rapper’s three McDonald’s favorites for $6-- a Quarter Pounder with cheese stacked with bacon and lettuce, fries with BBQ sauce, and Sprite in a classic McDonald’s cup.

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