Jimmy Carter says his son smoked with Willie Nelson on the White House roof

Former President Jimmy Carter and musician Willie Nelson at the taping of "CMT Homecoming: Jimmy Carter in Plains," which will premiere on CMT in December 2004. (Photo by R. Diamond/WireImage) (R. Diamond, KPRC)

HOUSTON – Former President Jimmy Carter shared a story of how one of his sons shared a joint with country legend Willie Nelson in a new documentary, “Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President.”

The smoke session happened on the White House roof, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In the film, Carter said that Nelson says he “shared the pot with him was one of the servants at the White House.”

However, the former president said: "That is not exactly true. It actually was one of my sons.”

The documentary highlights Carter’s love of music and his friendship with several musicians during his term.

Carter served as president from 1977 – 1981.

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