5 things to know about a Health Museum program that helps adults maintain health and wellness in quarantine

Fitness equipment (Pixabay, Pixabay)

Houston adults looking to maintain their health and wellness in quarantine can take advantage of a new program from the Health Museum.

The museum’s At Home Live Labs program runs weekly on Facebook and provides people of all ages with tips for maintaining health and wellbeing while remaining at home.

Here are five things you should know about the At Home Live Labs program.

1. How the program works

It focuses on the issues that people self isolating may struggle with the most such as reducing anxiety through healthy eating, exercise, and lifestyle change. Videos encapsulate numerous activities, ranging from 20-50 minutes, depending on the topic.

2. Who is doing it

Here is a look at the experts who are featured in the programs:

  • Dr. Ann Friedman, Psychologist and Mindfulness Expert
  • Fritz McDonald, a seasoned clinician and Founder of Great Age Movement has been hosting energetic workout sessions for seniors. 
  • Ali Miller, a Functional Medicine Integrative Dietician and author of the Anti-Anxiety Cookbook, shares the essentials to successfully stay healthy during this pandemic.
  • Saffron Hill, a Health Educator at The Health Museum discusses how fitness impacts mental health. 
  • D’Wana Henderson, a Science Educator at The Health Museum shows how food promotes brain wellness and provides healthy substitutions to foods.

3. Must see examples

Not only are the videos informational but they promote engagement too. Check out the Exercise and Wellness Live Lab, Mindfulness Live Lab, Anti-Anxiety Diet Live Lab, and the Great Age Movement Live Lab.

4. Is this free, when are they?

All videos are available to watch free of charge. They post the schedule on their Facebook page under Events. The Great Age Movement airs on Fridays at 11:30 am. Other Live Labs take place on Thursday at 11:30 am. If you miss a live stream, they are all on the Health Museums Facebook page under videos.

5. What else is The Health Museum doing?

Here is a look at other ways you can take advantage of activities at The Health Museum:

Outbreak: Epidemics in a Connected World allows you to take virtual tours of The Smithsonian Institution Exhibit that opened at The Health Museum on October 5.

DeBakey Cell Lab is a hands on exhibit where you can dress up in a lab coat and google and do experiments.

The Hands That Feed Houston Gallery Navigation debuts Amy Scott’s photo documentary to celebrate the ranchers and farmers that feed Houston.