JJ Watt’s new Subway commercial is exactly what life is like with siblings

Watt family stars in new Subway commercial. (Subway)

HOUSTON – Some things never change, and for JJ Watt and his brothers, a little bit of childhood came back to life in a new Subway commercial.

The new ad features the entire Watt family, who just made a stop at Subway to pick up some sandwiches for the boys – JJ, Derek and T.J.

JJ Watt’s dad hand JJ a turkey sandwich, which he calls his favorite. That comment sends the boys into typical sibling bickering about who loves what sandwich.

However, the best moment of the whole 15 seconds is arguably the moment JJ Watt’s mom turns around and says “knock it off” in that “mom voice” that many of us know so well (and must have been very familiar to the Watt brothers).

Someone shared a tweet that said, “when you see the new Subway commercial, I’m 100% sure Momma Watt didn’t have to practice her lines.”

The tweet got Watt’s attention and he replied with, “There were serious flashbacks when filming that part. Almost too authentic.”

Watt and his brothers said doing the ad was a privilege.

"It's not very often you get the opportunity to partner with a brand that literally played a role in your journey almost every step of the way,” the Watt brothers said. “We started eating Subway back in our youth football days and continued through college and our professional career. It is a privilege to join such an iconic brand and to do so with our entire family makes it even more special."

The ad is to promote Subway’s latest deal that spares people from having to pick a favorite and lets you get a free footlong with the purchase of any footlong in the Subway app or online.

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