Rooftop Cinema Club now open in Uptown Park Houston

HOUSTON – A new business opening Wednesday in Houston is giving you a different and exciting way to view your movies.

London-based Rooftop Cinema Club's first social outdoor cinema is a unique viewing and social experience.

The theater is located on the top parking deck at BLVD Place in Uptown.

"The great thing here about Rooftop Cinema Club, it's about the way you watch movies, so you don't sit on the floor like normal open air cinemas; you sit in a comfy deck chair. It blocks out all that outdoor noise," Gerry Cottle, Rooftop Cinema Club founder, said.

Tickets are already sold out for Wednesday night's first show -- "Dirty Dancing" -- and several other movies this month.

The cinema's Kids Club takes family movie night to a whole new level. Every Thursday in November, parents can bring their children to a family-friendly screening and enjoy Rooftop's ultimate viewing experience together.

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