Stripes convenience stores sell 2 new Selena commemorative cups

Fans can purchase cups at Texas, Louisiana stores at 9 a.m.


SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Stripes convenience stores released two new limited edition and limited release Selena commemorative collectible cups that will be sold in Stripes stores in Texas and Louisiana beginning Saturday.

A news release said that customers and Selena fans may line up at Stripes stores for their chance to purchase a cup at 8 a.m. Saturday, prior to the 9 a.m. release time.

The cups will be priced at $2.99 and will be available while supplies last.

The cups were not available for sale until 9 a.m. but some dedicated fans were lined up at the Stripes at 610 and Wayside at 3 a.m. Fearing a sellout of the cups would increase third party sellers’ prices online, Angelica Gaitan was first in line.

“The cups, they are going to running out and stuff and I'm not going to buy them for $20,” Gaitan said.

“I've been a fan since I was little, God knows how long,” said another fan, who had a Selena tattoo on her arm. 

For one family, it was their third stop to try and find the cups.

“The other ones were packed,” said one mother. “They had us leave before we even got in line.”

Anticipating the popularity, there were rules -- only four cups per adult. With just 170 cups available and more than 100 people in line at one location, people at the back were calculating their chances.

“Realistically, I think we're not, but we're still going to wait,” one fan said.

Finally, that wait was over and those who got the cups came away feeling like they had won the lottery.

“I will use two and put two up, I’ll save two,” one man said.

Other customers walked out empty handed and disappointed.

The cups had sold out within 12 minutes.

Stripes said once the cups are gone, they are gone. More Selena cups will be available at Fiesta de la Flor next Friday and Saturday in Corpus Christi.  

Portions of the cup sales will benefit the Selena Foundation.

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