'Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart': Julia on Hateful Backlash and Trying to Get Back With Sheridan (Exclusive)

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On Monday night's episode of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart, Marine-turned-singer Brandon called his unraveling love triangle with Julia and Savannah "the most emotionally traumatic 72 hours since combat" -- and yes, that's the kind of drama we're dealing with. 

Fans have seen love blossom and fall apart over the last few weeks on Listen to Your Heart, but no relationship had more ups and downs than Brandon and Julia's. The pair connected on night one, but then focused on romances with other contestants -- him with Savannah and her with Sheridan, when Brandon gave Savannah his first rose. This week, our tricky host with the most, Chris Harrison, forced couples to switch things up, and sent Brandon and Julia on a date together. That's where the drama got real. 

Julia -- who was open about having feelings for Brandon -- assured Sheridan ahead of her date that he had nothing to worry about. Then, her feelings for Brandon strengthened and she decided she needed to call it quits with Sheridan. Brandon (now called a "player" by his castmates, including Julia), broke things off with Savannah in a wishy-washy way. It was she who told him she didn't want to be his "second choice." 

With that, Brandon and Julia got together to sing their next duet. However, their performance was riddled with problems and they lacked convincing chemistry onstage. To be fair, Julia was thrown off by Natascha telling her less than an hour before she hit the stage that Brandon confessed he still wanted to make things work with Savannah. But ultimately Brandon and Julia's lackluster performance was symbolic of their relationship. They were eliminated, with Julia expressing regret over choosing him instead of Sheridan. 

Bachelor LTYH Julia and Brandon

In an interview with ET's Lauren Zima, Julia opened up about where things stand between her and Sheridan now. (They were talking, but he's since stopped responding after seeing recent episodes of the show). She also discussed her "painful" portrayal on Listen to Your Heart -- which has led to death threats and her "crying every hour" over mistakes she's made. 

"This has been the first day that I have not cried every hour," Julia confesses. "It is hard for me enough to watch it back and then to get the amount of hate I am getting." 

"I can understand people laughing and questioning my decisions, but what I don't understand are people telling me to jump off a bridge or I deserve sh*t on me," she says. "No one deserves that, especially people who made mistakes on a reality show when they were under a high pressure, stressful situation."