Parents start petition to change SBISD cellphone policy


HOUSTON – Classes are officially back in session, and most students in middle or high school have a cellphone, which can be a distraction.

Parents in Spring Branch Independent School District are petitioning for a change in the district’s cellphone policy in an effort to help limit those distractions.

The petition on Change.org says the school cellphone policy is from 2011 and encompasses students in sixth through 12th grade. 

According to the petition, parents want the current policy that allows students to keep their phones to be left in place for high school students but want a new policy for middle school students. 

The new policy, called “7 Hours of Freedom,” would prohibit students from using their cellphone during school hours, giving them the freedom to be away from social pressure, focus on schoolwork, develop relationships with other student and teachers, have face-to-face conversations and more. 

SBISD will be "rolling out one-to-one Chromebooks to all middle school students to be used in school and at home. This is the only technology they need during the school day,” according to the petition.

The petition aims to reach 1,000 signatures and has already garnered over 700.

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