Map shows where to find haunted house attractions in Houston area

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HOUSTON – It's spooky season, so be ready to face your worst fears and become frightened at any of these haunted houses in the Houston area.

Below is a map of haunted houses in and around the city where you can experience some Halloween scares:

Here's a list of the haunted houses which seem to be the most terrifying, including the attractions, dates and prices offered at each:

Houston Terror Dome Haunted House

Houston Terror Dome is an indoor haunted house with multiple air-conditioned attractions like its walk through vortex, a butchers shop and several 3D rooms. The haunted house also features a paintball attraction called Sicko's and Freako's Paint Ball Massacre where you pay $10 for the first 100 shots.

When: Open from Sept. 21 through Nov. 2

Cost: $20 per person, with a $5 increase on peak days.

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