What you should do if you have a problem at the polls

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HOUSTON – Voting is every American’s right, but complications may arise that could prevent someone from letting their voice be heard.

In Texas, all registered voters have a right to a ballot. Issues such as address changes on their ID, voter influence and intimidation, sometimes happen. You as a voter have the right to bring the issue to light.

Here are some ways you can report a problem at the polls to election officials.

1. Talk to an election judge at the polling place

According to the Texas Secretary of State, you can request to speak to an election judge about an issue you may have regarding the election or the polling place.

2. Talk to your local county officials

To report a problem in the Houston-area, you can contact your local county clerk if the issue is not resolved at the poll or if you would rather take it to local officials. Here’s who you should contact.

Harris County

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