Decision 2020: Where Texas Congressional District 22 candidates Troy Nehls and Kathaleen Wall stand on the issues

Troy Nehls (left) and Kathaleen Wall
Troy Nehls (left) and Kathaleen Wall (KPRC)

The race for Congressional District 22 in Fort Bend County has become one of the hottest races in the country as Democrats hope to flip the Republican stronghold in November when Rep. Pete Olson steps down from his seat.

On July 14, Republican voters will get a chance to decide who will represent their party in November against Democrat challenger Sri Preston Kulkarni.

On the GOP ballot are Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls and conservative activist Kathaleen Wall.

District 22 covers the majority of Fort Bend County and parts of Brazoria and Harris counties.

Map of TX-22 Congressional District
Map of TX-22 Congressional District (Wikipedia)

Meet the candidates

Troy Nehls


Troy Nehls is currently the Fort Bend County Sheriff, serving a total of eight years. He announced his candidacy for U.S. Representative for District 22 in December 2019 after Olson said he will not seek reelection.

Nehls volunteers for several local groups such as being chairman of “Fort Bend Salutes America” Memorial Day ceremony and commander of VFW Post 3903 in Rosenberg, according to his campaign website.

Where Troy Nehls stands on issues:

  • Securing U.S. borders: Nehls brings his full support to President Donald Trump in his effort to secure US borders and building the border wall. He is also hoping to help cut out the country’s “out-of-control,” $23 trillion debt.
  • Human trafficking: As Fort Bend County sheriff, he says he has taken “extensive action” to combat human trafficking, by closing illicit massage parlors and establishing a local hotline, according to the Texas Tribune. He hopes to bring his efforts to the federal level.
  • Veterans Support: As an Army veteran, Nehls vowed to bring full veterans support by making sure VA hospitals are running smoothly.
  • Protecting 2nd Amendment: Nehls is pro-Second Amendment and received the highest rating possible from the National Rifle Association. He fought to “keep Fort Bend County armed,” according to his campaign website.

Kathaleen Wall

Kathaleen Wall
Kathaleen Wall (Courtesy of Kathaleen Wall for Congress)

A conservative activist who planted her roots in Texas, Wall, a businesswoman working in the technological sector, has helped Republican candidates win races in previous elections. Now she hopes to claim her own in July’s runoff against Nehls.

Wall is married to Holloway Frost, who is the founder of Texas Memory Systems, according to Ballotpedia.

Wall and Nehls have been at odds on the issue of human trafficking with Wall recently launching a series of political ads attacking Nehls for his stance. Nehls told The Texas Tribune that he does not remember meeting the girl featured on one of her ads.

Where Kathaleen Wall stands on issues:

  • Securing U.S. Borders: Wall has stood by Trump on the construction of his border wall. “If we do not have a wall, we do not have a country,” she said on her website.
  • Illegal Immigration: Wall said that illegal immigration “threatens families, community and democracy.” She said on her website that she will support Trump’s agenda to deport criminal illegal immigrants back to their country with a “fair policy.”
  • Pro-Life: Wall is pro-life and vows to “never give up on innocent sweet life.”
  • Protecting 2nd Amendment: Wall is endorsed by the National Association of Gun Rights, according to her Instagram page. She said that Second Amendment rights “should not be infringed” and should stay law of the land.

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