Pick up a new hobby with this $8 piano course bundle

Learn how to navigate a keyboard, start playing music, and eventually master the craft. (StackCommerce)

Maybe you had piano lessons as a child, but forgot everything you’ve learned. Maybe you were too distracted as a child and didn’t take the time to practice. Or maybe you never took lessons, but wish you had. Luckily, learning piano is an option for people of all ages.

Start learning and practicing today with the Complete 2021 Piano For Beginners Bundle. For a limited time, you can take advantage of the semi-annual sale to get it at 60% off the sale price. Using the code ANNUAL60 at checkout to reduces the price from $19.99 to just $8.00.

This bundle includes six courses and 232 lessons to show you how to navigate a keyboard, start playing music, and eventually master the craft. Whether you’re a seasoned musician looking to pick up a new instrument or a total beginner, this course is for you. Start with an introductory course to dive into hand positioning, basic theory, and playing 38 songs.

Once you’re acquainted with the keyboard, four levels of technique courses show you how to develop a strong piano skill set. These courses include exercises that you can practice to hone in on your skills and play music more smoothly. From rhythm to staccato to legato to marcato and more, these courses cover the fundamentals of piano technique to implement whenever you play.

The final course in the bundle teaches you how to play 30 festive songs so you can bring the magic and fun of piano to your next party or jam sesh. From ballads to Christmas carols to “Happy Birthday,” you’ll have something to play for every occasion.

Taught by Skill Success, an established online learning platform, the courses in this bundle all have average ratings of over 4 out of 5 stars. Follow along with these intuitive, comprehensive courses and corresponding practice exercises.

It’s never too late to learn something new. Challenge yourself to learn piano with the six-course Complete 2021 Piano For Beginners Bundle. Get it at an additional 60% off for the limited-time semi-annual sale. The checkout code ANNUAL60 will bring the price down from $19.99 to just $8.00. Don’t miss out!

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