Ask 2: Is it legal to double a tenant’s rent?


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Question: "Is it legal to double a tenant's rent?"

It depends on the situation.

A lease is legally binding the moment contracts are signed by both the tenant and landlord, and both parties must abide by the set amount in the lease while it is active. If is increased after a lease is signed by both parties, that would be a breach of contract.

Once a lease is up, landlords are legally able to increase the cost of rent. If a tenant is renting month-to-month, the landlord must send a notice in writing a minimum of 30-days before the increase would go into effect.

According to Legal Beagle, landlords can increase the cost of rent as they please.

The legal explanations site claims there aren't many rent control laws that help protect tenants; however, "landlords cannot legally increase rent in an effort to force tenants out of the property in question on the basis of their race, gender or sexual orientation, religion, country of origin, age, or disability."

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