Pack like a pro: How to fit a 7-day vacation in your carry-on

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - Packing for a vacation can be tricky.

If you pack too much, you'll have to pay more to check your bags. Pack too little, and you feel unprepared on your trip. 

Fashion consultant Ruth Chow Kneese said all you need is one carry-on. You'll save money on checked bag fees and time at the airport.

Kneese said following these do's and don'ts for packing will keep you not only light but also prepared. 


1. Consider what you will be doing on vacation, and be realistic. Bring clothes only for those activities.

2. Pack only three bottoms. All pants or shorts should be neutral solids that mix well with different tops. Think black, jeans and khakis. 

3. Pack one pair of pants that can be washed and will hang dry overnight.

4. Pack a different blouse or shirt for each day.

5. Bring a jacket or rain jacket. 

6. Pack your pants on the bottom of the carry-on suitcase, folding them over your tops, like this:

7. Bring a tote bag for extra purchases or items that won't fit into your carry-on. You can tuck this under the seat in front of you. The carry-on can go in an overhead bin. 


1. Pack two outfits for every day. Few people change clothes every day. 

2. Bring a hair dryer or toiletries. Unless you are staying at an Air BnB, just about every hotel provides a hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion.   

3. Pack more than two pairs of shoes. You will be wearing a third pair.

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