Ask Amy: Save on higher gas prices + QR code warning

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You’ve probably noticed gas prices are on the rise again. We are always looking for ways to save you money, especially on things you have to buy like gasoline.

Gas prices can change every day. Watching those patterns and picking the right time to gas up can save you money.

What is the best or cheapest day to buy gas?

Data from Gas Buddy found:

  • Best day in Houston to buy gas is Tuesday.
  • The worst day to buy is Sunday.
  • The cheapest time to buy gas is from 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning.

Sometimes we just stop by the gas station closest to our home or on the way to work. Now is the time to reconsider that. Hands down the best way to save on gas is to shop around. You’ve probably noticed gas station prices can vary from 10 to 15 cents just a few blocks from one another.

Best way to find the cheapest gas prices

We’ve told you about apps like Gas Buddy that can help track prices, but you can also check on an app you already have on your phone: Google Maps. Just type “gas prices” or “gas prices near me” on the search page of your maps. You’ll find prices per gallon posted on the map by gas station location.

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You can also get an idea of how much you’ll spend if you are heading out on a trip. If you are budgeting and need to know how much a trip will cost, you the US Department of Energy has a trip calculator. You enter your vehicle, trip and get total gas cost.

For example, if I made a trip to Dallas today from Houston it estimates that’s 239 miles, 55% city driving and gas will cost me $43.

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Checking your tires and gas cap can also make a big difference in the gas you use. I put together a list of ideas of how to save on gas so check it out. Sure, some may be obvious (like take all that stuff out of your trunk!), but the reminders never hurt!

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Warning about fake QR codes

It’s a quick way to read a menu or make a payment for something. These days QR codes are everywhere. While they are convenient, they could also be dangerous. We are looking into what you need to know about fake QR codes. Scammers are using QR code technology to get your information or even take over your device.

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The Better Business Bureau warns right now the “BBB Scam Tracker” is seeing an increase in fake QR codes. One hot spot for this - parking lots. People are scanning QR codes in lots, entering their credit card info, and being charged fake fees.

Some victims don’t notice until they get a ticket or more credit card charges later. Learn what to look for to make sure that QR code is legit.

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