Ask Amy: Ways 2 Save NOW on subscription services

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We are always looking for ways to save you money, and every little bit helps these days. Chances are you’re paying more for subscription services than you should. We’re not just talking about streaming services. From meal planning to kid’s sports clubs, there are subscriptions for everything these days. But I found there is a way you can save money on those monthly expenses.

1. Fake cancel your subscription, see what they offer

This is simple. First, start the process of canceling your subscription- and see what they offer.

For example - A Hulu membership without ads is $14.99 a month. When producer Andrea Slaydon tried to cancel, Hulu offered her the $7.99 version *with* ads.

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When she said she still wanted to cancel, Hulu offered her its streaming service for $2.99 a month with ads. That is a savings of $12 a month!

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We tried the same for the meal delivery service Hello Fresh. Just before Andrea hit “cancel,” they offered to “cut a deal” saving $30 over the next two deliveries.

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Side note, we also tried this with Netflix. They didn’t offer any special deals. So obviously, every subscription service is different.

2. Check for unused subscriptions you are still paying for

By scanning your credit card statements for the last two to three months, you will see recurring charges that will help to jog your memory about service you may have signed up for months ago, but no longer use.

Andrea discovered a swim team app charging her $2.99 a month, but her daughter’s swim team ended last June. She hasn’t used the app since then. That one is an easy one to cancel. (Sometimes you have to dig around to see where you are paying. This app was included in Apple pay charges.)

3. Are you paying for services you should get for free?

Check your cell phone and cable providers/ Many include streaming services in the price of your phone or cable plan. Here are some examples:

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