Test it Tuesday: Do popular nail strips work better than polish?

Houston – The pandemic has done a number on our finances and our fingernails. Now, some women are looking for cheaper alternatives to the nail salon and polish that chips and peels days after you apply them.

Nail strips are growing in popularity. Essentially, they are fingernail polish stickers that you apply to your nail. There is no mess and no dry time. We asked viewer Liz Deering to try two different brands to tell us which works best and lasts the longest.

Nail Strip Brands

You’ve probably seen Facebook posts selling Color Street. They’re nail strips that already have fancy designs and art on them, and you can’t buy them in a retail store. We chose a set that cost $13.

At Target, we purchased Dashing Diva nail strips for half the price at $6.99.

Deering applied each brand to alternating fingers in order to make the review fair.

The instructions tell you to stick the strip on your nails at the base of your nail bed and then smooth them up. Fold the excess strip over the top of your nail and then cut it. Each package came with a small file you can use to smooth out the edges. She immediately noticed a difference in applying the two brands.

“It definitely seemed easier to do the Color Street than the Dashing Diva,” she told KPRC 2 consumer expert Amy Davis.

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